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Horticulture Solutions

Horticulture Solutions

From market gardens, to vineyards and more.

From water supply through to the drippers or sprayers that water the plants, Pumpmaster and NORMA Group’s large product range can cater for all needs.

Within our new Water Management Solutions Catalogue you will find details on which products we recommend for Horticulture applications.

View NORMA Group's range of fittings and clamps (including the one-and-only Cobra irrigation hose clamps) for Horticulture here.

Pumpmaster Products

CTJ2 200 P58
CTJ2 Series Cast Iron Jet Pumps
  • Max. Flow 160lpm
  • Max. Head 56m
  • Bare, PC or Pressure Vessel
CTJX120 with Automatic Pressure Controller
CTJX-120 Stainless Steel Jet Pumps
  • Ideal for household pressure
  • Max. Flow 97lpm
  • Max. Head 46m
CSS with Automatic Pressure Controller
CSS Series High Pressure Pumps
  • Quiet, reliable and efficient
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Large range of applications
SM-DW400 & 750A
SM-DW Drainer
  • Suitable for dirty water
  • Automatic operation
  • Max. Flow 217lpm
PGH50GX AgroMate Chemical Transfer Pumps
  • Honda Engine
  • Max. Flow 506lpm
  • Max. Head 26m
SEH100 X
SEH-100X FlowMate Transfer Pumps
  • Honda Engine
  • Max. Flow 1450lpm
  • Max. Head 28m
SEH-80X FlowMate Transfer Pumps
  • Honda Engine
  • Max. Flow 1100lpm
  • Max. Head 27m
SEH-50X FlowMate Transfer Pumps
  • Honda Engine
  • Max. Flow 600lpm
  • Max. Head 30m
SEV 80 X 2
SEV-80X FlowMate Transfer Pumps
  • Koshin Engine
  • Max. Flow 1050lpm
  • Max. Head 27m